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Swegmister Ban Appeal


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Name: swegmister

Steam name: [94th] XF x Darkwar x

Steam  I.D.: STEAM_0:1:42904456


Keep in mind that my in-game name may be Danny as I have recently changed it but please try both.


I was banned for a friendly fire incident on the ahoy world arma servers.

I shot and revived my friend (badfl_000/badflop) several times as he was stuck underneath a rock due to the 'V' vault key in an objective close to Kavala. This was a asked friendly fire by (badfl_000/badflop).


I was banned about 4 months ago though I'm not sure the name of the admin who banned me. I wish to be unbanned as I have started playing arma 3 again.


I hope that this issue can be resolved shortly and look forward to playing the game with you again.



Thank You.

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My in-game name is badfl_000 and this is the exact incident that took place. I sincerely hope that my friend here can be unbanned so we can get some much needed play time in your server. After being referred here by the admins on the teamspeak servers I hope this issue can soon be dismissed and my friend be unbanned.



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