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In game name: Noah

Why do i think i got banned: Because u admins were unsure and uncareful but still banned me and because of that u got the wrong guy and thats why i got banned.

My personal opinion: because again a admin was uncareful and unsure and got me banned whilst some other dude did it.
Wich admin banned me: xOderusUrungusX i believe.

When was i banned: 11-1-2016 (2 days ago)


Hello admins of ahoy world.


I got banned a few days ago because i got shot by someone and i killed him when i saw him again. the guy who shot me was: xOderusUrungusX. it was a mistake what happened. let me explain what happened. we landed in our heli near the mission were we got shot at by a teammate in a hunter hmg. xOderusUrungusX shot the gunner to prevent him from teamkilling anyone else. when the gunner was dead i got in the gunner and i got shot by xOderusUrungusX because he thought i was the guy teamkilling everyone else as well. so i got shot by xOderusUrungusX and got revived by my mate. i thought xOderusUrungusX was teamkilling since he shot me. so when i got revived i shot him to prevent him from teamkilling anyone else. xOderusUrungusX turned out to be an admin and mistaked me for a teamkiller and i mistaked him for a teamkiller. i would like to get unbanned because we were both trying to do the right thing but just got mixed up in the chaos. the guy who was in the hunter hmg killing teammates was milos if u guys didnt found out yet.


thanks for reading this and i hope u guys will unban me for the mixup between me, xOderusUrungusX and the teamkiller milos.


Steam name: Batsnek123
Arma 3 in game name: Noah
Link to my steam account: http://steamcommunit...61198095776973/


If i forgot to put something in tell me on steam or react to my topic.

i hope u guys will responds asap. thanks again






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As an admin said in the last thread you created, please post an appeal in the correct format and I will be happy to make a decision on it.


The correct format is as follows:


Ingame Name*:

Why do you think you were banned?:

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?*:

Which administrator banned you (ArmA 3 only)?:

When were you banned?*:


Thank you.


- Danny



P.S. Please edit this thread instead of creating another.

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