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cpt.macmilan / radonneus


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Ingame Name*:




Why do you think you were banned?:




Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?*:


Well, I am a grown up, 37 years old, iOS developer and this ban was all about my 8 year old nephew :) For real. I introduced him in Arma 3 / coop play, on my iMac at my home. So he played a few times on your server and all ok, I recommended this server to him. But what do you know, this happened near 1st of January 2015: after 2 or 3 days of him last playing on my computer/UID I wanted to play and there is the message: you were banned because of killing a pilot.

Of course, after a few more days I asked him about this and here was his answer: I killed that pilot because he keept on crushing the helicopter :) So please excuse me for being amused, he's just a child and maybe I shouldn't have let him play this ... potentially mature content (...).

So I've been waiting months thinking this was a temp ban but I do realise it's not the case and I really did enjoy playing on your server.


Which administrator banned you?:


Let me paste the kick message (essential part):

cpt.macmilan / tk heli pilot / mykeyrm


When were you banned?*:


Well, I think this was at the beginning of January.


Thank you for reading this, if you need additional info please let me know. I really enjoyed playing on your servers sirs. All the best to you.

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If you're not involved, please do not post.

I will investigate and get back to you

I will talk to the admin in question for they have not followed our guidelines. For this reason the ban will be lifted however remember that your account is your responsibility and should you encounter a problem with other players to repprt this to an admin.

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