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Getting started with creating Custom Missions


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Good day fellow AhoyWorlders!
( Is that even a word in the Urban Dictionary? If not, add it!Emoji_1F618.png)
I have recently started to work on some Arma 3 Missions with the back-thought to use them in the future on our EU3 Modded Server Game Night Events, but also for some Co-Op events with some friends and small time fun on single player missions.
Since I didn't know anything about this and had to ''harass'' multiple' AhoyWorld members with questions ( My sincere apologies Josh/Sheep, I`d suggest not trying that btw for anyone wondering) to get every piece of info I needed after every 5 minutes in the Editor,
I decided to go out on my own and find the basics.
And since I did not have my own stash of guides/info I decided to compile some of these in a post. I know for some of you this stuff is really basic, but some of us are still starting up!
The main thought is that these guides have some stuff in it that is compatible/usable with multiplayer missions (and of course singelplayer missions). Also, these missions should support and include the use Zeus since... Well, Zeus is quite awesome, thats really it.... Of course, not all of it will/can come/work together, but this will help you get closer to the advanced basics which you will only find after exploring everything.
NOTE: These guides will not be near the complexity of some of the stuff other AhoyWorld Admins and Members have created, this is just simple stuff!
So check out these guides, and post your missions as a reply!
Perhaps some WiP Screenshots while your at it?
Good luck and have fun!
P.S: Im sure some of you got upset for me using Comic Sans in the titleEmoji_1F624.png

 Zeus Global Tutorial
 Custom Loadouts
 Respawn points Multiplayer
 Finding Classnames ( for making custom load outs)
 Making Support Modules for Custom Mission ( Like CAS/Mortars etc)
 IEDs and Ambushes ( Triggers)
 Briefing Modules ( Intros/Outros/Progression)
  Tasks Modules


I will be adding more guides once I find some good ones in the near future. You can also post your guides as a reply and I will add them if I think their good!
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