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Ahoy there!


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Hello gents and ladies!

My name is Morten and I've just joined the forums of Ahoyworld and decided to introduce myself.


As mentioned, my name is Morten. I'm a 16 years old gamer from Denmark (if you've ever heard about such a small country before) and I have been playing Arma for around two years now.

I've been playing I&A since Arma 2 and I really enjoy the epic gameplay you get to experience by playing it.


Whenever I play I&A I prefer being a pilot or medic. So pretty much the support rules, since I find that these roles tend not to be played very well. I also enjoy providing some mortar fire if possible and blast up the AO! So if you ever see me in-game feel free to contact me, I'd be more than happy to team up and get some nice gameplay!


I started playing on your server a while back due to the good adminstration and population on it, and I hope to be able to play here for much longer and see the community grow! :D


Thanks for reading and

- cya on the battleground!

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