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Hello Chibill here


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My name is chibill (At lest that's my username in all most everything.)


I play , mod and dig into Minecraft. My current projects are DDS (Distributed Deobfuscation System) , Additional Machines (My main Mod). I enjoy programming and challenges that involve programming ( DDS was one of them.)


DDS is my own take on Deobfuscating Minecraft. My goal with it is to get mappings before MCP and others. Also I enjoy playing vanilla and Modded Minecraft!


Google+ chibill

Twitter @MC_chibill

Youtube chibill

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Hey there! We are currently working on our servers for minecraft and would love you to join but there are some issues so whitelisting will happen when I get a chance. I am the sole admin at the moment for minecraft apart from the moderator.


Stick around, watch this space and come join us on TS sometime. Me, Kim and xelan are around a lot.


I really wanna know about this deobfuscation system you are talking about :3



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