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Replace the HEMTT Transport.... With another HEMTT Transport!

Denis P


Ok, so whenever I go to the parking lot, I notice the HEMTT Transport.... And I notice the lack of cover for the poor suckers sitting in the back. What if you need to transport a group of players to an anti-air battery and you start taking fire? EXACTLY! The guys in the back of the truck will be too exposed and all they can do is just sit there and wait to get killed while the driver decides to go off-road up a hill in a pathetic attempt to get away from the troops firing on them. It ends with everyone getting killed and the poor driver getting bombarded with messages to go play Battlefield, learn to drive and some other immature comments which would be too disgusting to post on the forums (I know it is the Internet, but I'm just trying to keep some class).


Now let's imagine this scenario with the covered version of the HEMTT Transport:


When the enemy notice the truck they open fire on it, and the driver decides to go off-road up a hill in a pathetic attempt to get away from the troops firing on them. However this time, because of the way enemy detection works for the AI in this game, the enemy don't know how many people are in the back of the truck, and as such, they only target the cab and the truck itself. The truck gets it's wheels popped. However, since the guys in the back of the truck are not dead yet, they decide to hop out and return fire while pulling back up the hill. WHen they're about to get into cover over the hill, they see an AT Soldier firing his PCML at the HEMTT Transport, obliterating the driver that appearently didn't realize that the truck doesn't work well after losing it's wheels, especially when going up hills!


Below I've listed pros and cons of both versions:


HEMTT Transport (Uncovered version):



Feeling the wind blow through your hair



Getting your head blown off




HEMTT Transport (Covered version):



More cover



Having to sit in a  truck for an hour with the smell of someone that rarely showers




As you can see, the pros for the Covered version are better than the pros for the uncovered version, and I therefore want the Uncovered HEMTT in the parking lot to be replaced with the Covered one.


Oh, and here's a picture of the two versions, unless the forums automatically remove links to webpages it would deem "dangerous":


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Having covered or uncovered version of the HEMTT makes no significant (if any) difference, in terms of protection or survivability.

Fine... But I still think they hould replace it as the covered version looks better.

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funnily enough i had to do just that last week.


reason is slightly different. 


the hemtt transport (not covered) shares the same class as the hemtt ammo, meaning if i want to grab the hemtt ammo with nearEntities command, it also grabs the uncovered hemtt transport. hence a switch to the covered hemtt transport took place and the issue was resolved.

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