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Hello, I am Oppo


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Well, actually the name is Oppocide, but I found out that eventually everyone calls me Oppo anyway. :unsure:


For the ArmA series, I've been around since ArmA 1 was released in 2006, and started playing on the JOLT servers, which resulted in this.

(As far as I know, it is still a popular multi player mission on ARMA 1 servers.)


Since JOLT closed his doors, I had no particular favourite server, but I've been stalking AhoyWorld for a couple of months now, where I like to play as a pacifist medic, running around like a madman, trying to heal everyone, and often, killing myself in the process. :o


I'm sure you all have screamed my name for at least once by now.



Oppocide aka 'Oppo'


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