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Very great work! I just have a question about the mission. I am trying to edit your mission and would like to know how I can remove all notifications from appearing.  Reason being I am with a military sim unit and we would like a more realistic feel to the mission and don't want to know when a mortar team has popped up.




-Steve French

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it is very possible. Go through the init.sqf as well as priotity target.sqf and sidemission.sqf and comment out the appropriate lines that you want blocked that begin with GlobalHint = and then any showNotification = that follow it as well.


i.e. here is one line in the init.sqf


	GlobalHint = _completeText; publicVariable "GlobalHint"; hint parseText _completeText;
	showNotification = ["CompletedSideMission", sideMarkerText]; publicVariable "showNotification";
	showNotification = ["Reward", format["Your team received %1!", _vehName]]; publicVariable "showNotification";

you would just either block that whole section out with /* ...... */  OR at the start of each line add //


I don't have the time to go through all the code to find them for you myself, and plus it doesn't help you learn how to do this stuff on your own if I do all the work for you. Just play around with it to your liking and if you break it, just undo what you did or start over from square one. 


If this is confusing you, maybe you might want to have one of your guys in your community that knows a little bit about scripting to do it instead.

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