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2nd Introduction?


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Hey guys,

I've made an introduction before but I feel some sort of explanation is needed for my absence.

I have some *cough* Mental Health issues including Hypomania and Social Anxiety, as such; I haven't been particularly active recently.

Although, I'm now at a stage in my life where I'm starting to control things a lot more, i.e. learning my 'triggers' etc, I'm in control of the illness a lot more these days :) It doesn't control me anymore! and I can also make it work to my advantage in terms of getting a job (i.e. concentration like a boss) xD 

Been on and off various different meds in past months so my head has been a mess. Anyway, probably boring at this point so I'll just stahp 0_0

The Basics:

Hardcore ArmA community member of over ten years (OFP ftw) 

Gamer currently looking to get in to testing/production [eventually] with various different studios (Rockstar North has already been applied to!) (Bohemia is the next step)

Youtuber: www.youtube.com/user/MrSix64Four


All-round realism/simulation geek.


See you all on the battlefield/wherever you roam at 0_0





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