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No radio feedback when giving commands

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Hey Dudes!


First of all:

Great work on the I&A mission! I really enjoy playing it. :D


My issue:

I noticed that there is no radio feedback when you give commands while being the squad leader on v2.52. When I issue orders, I won't see my order in the radio messages (lower left corner), nor do I recognize the acoustic feedback like "Two, move 200m front" or something like that.


My question:

Is that a bug or did you remove it intentionally? If you removed it, could you tell me how to bring it back? I have altered your great mission for my private server and I would like to have the feedback on my radio commands.


Cheers and keep the good work up! :)

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1, if no text - make sure you have a radio in your kit, sometimes snipers and auto rifle men spawn without them.

2, if no sound - as above and also check your audio options for radio are turned up,

3, if no text messages at all - check that stream friendly ui is dissabled in options menu

Other then that there might be something else wrong that someone else might be able to help with

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Init.sqf in the pbo

Still dont know where is it :( sr but im new and noob in Arma, you said init.sqf in the pbo but i looking Editor in something have fx icon and stuck in there :(


Btw thanks you so much for your help :)

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