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[bug?] Ded server stuck on "Read from Bank" when player joins


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Hiya, maybe this is something I missing out on. I cannot get this to run on my ded server. When I (or anyone) tries to join, Arma 3 gets stuck on the loading screen. The ded server console just spams:  Mission co60 AW Invade & Annex -ALTIS- 2.36 read from bank.


This happens until I kill it, or the player connecting disconnects in Arma 3.


This is the only mission that I haven't been able to get working yet, and of course it's the main one I want :/


Any ideas? Maybe there's something really easy I'm missing?


This is my pretty generic server.cfg:


//server Info
BattlEye=1; //No Battleye
hostname = "xxx";
password = "xxx";
passwordAdmin = "xxx";
reportingIP = "arma3pc.master.gamespy.com";
//STEAM Info Port
steamport = 8766;
steamqueryport = 27016;
//Message of the Day
motdInterval = 5;
// Server Param
maxPlayers = 5;
// VON
disableVoN = 1;
persistent = 1;
// Missions
class Missions
   class Mission_1
        template = "co50_AW_Invade_&_Annex_2_36.Altis"; 
        difficulty = "regular";
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Jester: I have not run a previous build.


R. Berezon: Oh, that's just me not updating the comment. BattlEye=0; is no BattlEye. I have tried with and without it with no luck so far.


Edit: I should have mentioned that I am running the Dev branch as well.

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