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I&A 3 - Another batch of gear





we receive:

  • vodka heists

"H_Cap_police", "H_WirelessEarpiece_F", "G_WirelessEarpiece_F", "U_C_FormalSuit_01_tshirt_gray_F", "U_C_FormalSuit_01_tshirt_black_F", "V_TacVest_gen_F","V_TacVest_blk_POLICE"

  • uniforms for bootleg western sahara altis experience

"U_BG_Guerilla2_1", "U_BG_Guerilla2_2", "U_BG_Guerilla2_3", "U_I_G_Story_Protagonist_F", "H_Cap_blk_ION"


special honor to the "H_Hat_Tinfoil_F" gang


for special occasions such as remembering lost ones


you receive:

  • at least one gas station spared
  • my last 0.43 AW coin
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I think for formal attire, suits and tinfoil hat, if the intention of not having them is to not have everyone running around using them, maybe whitelisting the items, but not adding them to the arsenal could be an option. That would mean that you could only get them through a full arsenal (zeus spawned) or saving a preset loadout with said item in singleplayer and loading it on the server. This way we wouldn't see everyone running around in suits.

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