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Baltic Dawn – Night flight 22/09/2022


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Mission Name:

Baltic Dawn – Night flight

Server Details:


Port: 2302

Mods required:


TS address: ts.ahoyworld.net


Server opens 30 minutes ahead of time

Expected mission length 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length

Player Slots: 21


·         Central // 3-man Platoon element

·         Anna, Boris, Cachi // 6-man Infantry squads


Belarus is a CSAT member surrounded by threats. Former ally Russia was the only potential ally while it was still a candidate for CSAT Membership. With that candidacy now over Belarus will require to act and divert the attention before NATO penetrates their own borders. They have therefore proposed an invasion of Russia to fellow CSAT members to forcibly enter Russia into the pact. With all member states agreed China and Belarus have each begun assaults on Russian forces. A section of Belarussian paratroopers has been assigned to the current fighting in Livonia to pin down de majority of the Russian forces that would pose a threat. With that front occupied Russian forces will not be able to mount a good enough defence while the main Belarussian forces spearheads to Moscow while Chinese forces occupy Major cities in the far east where the government would otherwise escape to.

The Livonia Operation has however hit a snag right as Belarussian forces enter Livonian Airspace. Russian AAA defences that were believed inoperable were active, taking down several airplanes. Any that managed to get through were thrown of course due to Russian and NATO air superiority.
one team landed south of Topolin, forced to jump early due to a damaged engine. They now find themselves the middle of a German assault on a Russian Supply depot. Their original drop point was supposed to be near the airfield.

The pilot managed to bring the airplane about and deploy their vehicles and other heavy equipment near Adamów before crashing near Radacz.
The paratroopers will need to find a way out of the battlefield, retrieve their equipment near the river and join the assault on the airfield.

The Belarusian air force is overhead providing air support but are fighting fiercely with Russian and American airplanes.



o   Takhion Light Assault vehicles (AT/Minigun)

o   UGV URAN Ground Assault Drone

Friendly Forces:

-      No one

Neutral/unconfirmed forces:

Enemy Forces:

-      Russia

-      Bundeswehr

-      LDF

-      Livonian civilian militias


We have paradropped near a Livonian town centre. Expect civilians inside the towns. Civilians are likely armed and are known to sabotage and resist occupying forces. We may get confused for Russians when we encounter them. If we don’t it is still likely they will not treat us with hospitality.


-Retrieve paradropped vehicles and supplies

-Check for survivors at the crash-site
-Regroup with other paratroopers on the Target LZ to participate in the assault on Lukow Airfield


Movement Plan:

At commander’s discretion

Rules of engagement:

At commander’s discretion

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