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Need Ideas!


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I run a private or more of a friend group kind of Mission about capturing Islands similar to Liberation and Antistasi.


Currently in the middle of writing an update for the Mission but I am stuck creating some Modifiers into the mission.

if you don't know what a Modifier is its basically a Random variable selected at the mission start that is there to make the mission harder.


For example you could see Mortar Support in 1 mission and in another see Jet Support.

I currently have around 7 Different Modifiers created and I'd like to settle for 10 as the default amount.


I posted the Modifiers below if you need some inspiration to look at!


1 - Mortars

2 - Fortified ( Buildings are Fortified, Defensive Measures and traps placed around Town. )

3 - Jet Support 

4 - Titan AT/AA Team

5 - Sniper Team 

6 - 2x Reinforcements ( Transport will resupply and redeploy, 2x Attack Vehicles, Gunships have 1x Transport, )

7 - Hunting Squad ( 1x Special Forces group will act as Reinforcements and hunt the players down. )


If anybody got ideas would love to hear them!

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