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Private Invade & Annex Server Setup for SOG


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sorry if double post or anythin else, I could find now help roaming the forum.


I like playing Invade & Annex SOG with friends. Normaly we host on a local machine and stream in the network, but the world is not persistent due to lack of saving possibilities.


We rented an nitrado server to host I&A SOG over there to have the persistens. As of now it seems the server runs but cant load the mission file.


When directly connecting it always states "selecting mission" and runs in an eternal loop.


I followed various steps from the forum, e.g. chaging the arma3_server.readne ti arma3.readme.


Does anyone know how to get the mission/pbo running?










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Unpack the mission, open the initServer.sqf file located in the root folder of the mission, in that file find #include "\arma3_readme.txt";  Replace that line with everything you have in your readme file. (So zeusCoreStaffUIDs = []; zeusAdminUIDs = []; zeusSpartanUIDs = []; getServerPassword ={}; (potentially with some of those arrays filled and/or the server password function actually returning something.)  Pack the mission again and put it on server and it should work.  

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That file has .pbo twice, remove one.  Next you have zeusAdminUIDs = [rapha]; in your initserver, that should be zeusAdminUIDs = ["PutYourSteamUIDHere"]; (replace PutYourSteamUIDHere with your steam UID, make sure you have " around it).  If both of those are fixed and it still doesn't work please share your server RPT (typically found in: C:\yourUser\AppData\Local\Arma 3). 

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The mission saves its own state after every AO (and only saves AO progression btw) (assuming the persistence option is turned on).  If after a restart this progression is lost your server host most likely deletes the server's profile file (can't remember the exact name of that file and I'm at work so can't check).  


To try you can run this code before a restart (server side in the debug console when you're logged in as admin):

profileNamespace setVariable ["ThisIsATest", "HelloWorld"];

And after restart:


hint str(profileNamespace getVariable ["ThisIsATest", "Didn't work"]);

If a hint shows with "helloWorld" then there's a problem with the mission saving things, if it shows "didn't work" then the profile file got deleted.

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