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SideMission reward spawn


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Today I was clearing the Side Mission (Destroy Weapons Shipment). The one where you clear a town and place charges at a box.

As a reward the Enhanced MBT-Kuma spawned in or on top of a building. Which imidiatly got destroyed.


Is it possible for this Side to spawn the reward by default at Main?

Imagine the pain if the reward was something special, like an Offroad AT, or even worse.. a Service Van.


Maybe wrong thread, sorry in advance!

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Is it possible to spawn them at main by default?  Yes, absolutely, that's how it was originally designed.  Then people asked for rewards to be spawned at side mission so the people at side mission had first dips.  I warned that situations like the one you described were likely to happen, people wanted it anyways.  So, in my opinion, unless there's a lot of other people who also want to revert back to rewards spawning at base, I think it best to leave it as is.  

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Thanks for the fast response, Stanhope.


I understand people wanting the reward to spawn at the side mission itself.

So you can use it right away and it eliminates the possibility of having argue with people camping spawn.

I remember that being a somewhat frequent occurance.


My request/question was about this specific mission, since it has a much higher chance of breaking the reward.

I believe the Destroyer side mission directly spawns elsewhere.

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AFAIK some of the (if not all of the) side missions have some code to find a clear space to spawn objects (for example the guerrilla camp), would it be feasible to add that to the side mission reward spawn script (i know the zeus rewards spawn menu finds a clear space near you for some spawning, though it's not always perfect), or would that just add too much complexity/ be detrimental to server performance?

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