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outerra - 1:1 planet earth render engine


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Ok Lets give this great engine it's own thread :)


Concept & Goal:

1:1 3D planet earth with terrain deformation. Perfect platform to build any possible game.


My dream:

Is that they will use this planet to implement a global multiplayer GTA\ARMA\Driving\softbodyphysics\WAR\Anarchist game with a streetview\googlemaps overlay in full 3D..... that is not too much asked is it ... LOL


The same team that is developing this engine also use it to build a game called: Anteworld sandbox game (alpha):


Anteworld* is a world-building game on a massive true-to-life scale of our planet. Returning aboard an interstellar colonizer ship built in the Golden Age of Mankind, players arrive on the planet earth to discover civilization and humanity vanished. They will have to rebuild the civilization - exploring, fighting, and competing for resources while searching for clues to the disappearance of humanity.



website: http://www.outerra.com


Techdemo (free) download: http://www.outerra.com/forum/index.php?topic=637.0









I found a simular project, however different goals, capable of equally pretty pictures and large scale terrains: http://unigine.com/products/unigine/

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