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Mach2k5/Greeneyes 23


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Hi all,


Many of you know me from education films such as:- "Let's find out where they live and give them a fecking kicking!" and "I've found him and have given him a fecking kicking!".


I am Ex Royal Artillery using systems such as AS90, Blowpipe AD Missiles, Javelin S15 and HVM AD Missiles(Starstreak), UAVs such as Desert Hawk and Hermes 450 on Ops around the world.


I love gaming, in fact when I came back on R&R one time I spent most of it playing CoD MW2 which peeved the wife off a tad...lol!


I am still in the services working happily in between gaming...lol!!!


Well see you all soon!


PS Don't ask me to pilot any type of aircraft in this game!! Ask BAMBI!!

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