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Well, hello there


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Hi! My usual nickname is Makropony or Killjoy. 

I'm from Russia, I like playing games and listening music (metal, rock, electro, classical... All kinds actually).

I've been playing ArmA II for more than a year, a bit less DayZ. 

Got ArmA III on the launch date, but haven't played much because I broke off from community I've previously been in.

I enjoy tactical gameplay. I've been on AhoyWorld servers only twice for now, the first time was really cool. We actually had a commander and squad leaders working and communicating, everyone doing a specific task.

Unfortunately due to my age (15) I'm not able to join major realism-based ArmA communities, which I am really sad about.

I hope to get the gameplay I enjoy from AhoyWorld. 

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Well there is actually a real good reality sub-culture going on here at AhoyWorld, and we do not discriminate for age. (we only discriminate by performance LOL)


No, Seriously: There are mul;tiple smaller groups around that play semi-realistic, more tactical based games on the public servers. So if you join the TS i"m sure you will be able to hook yourself up in no-time :)


Welcome, and enjoy yourself man !

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