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As you can hopefully tell from the title, and the page you're on, Ahoy World has a brand new website! We've also recently expanded to a World of Warcraft guild on the Aggramar Realm (EU) and a small-but-dedicated Battlefield 3 squad who've been tearing it up in Rush and Squad DM.

With this new site and expansion, I'm looking forward to watching Ahoy World, both as an entity and as its wonderful user-base, grow and flourish! For the moment only those of you who've been given this URL will have access to this site. Without the direct URL this is in-fact inaccessible. When the finishing touches have been made (we're almost there!) we'll move this site over to http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk (instead of /community) and will be officially public!

We've already got a couple of people looking to make content for us and the World of Warcraft guild has provided us with a solid base of reliable players that are happy to help out. If you want to, please, for the moment, get in contact with either me or Yast by emailing our contact email: [email protected]

To the 34 members currently in our midst - welcome! Let's make this a good'un, eh?

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