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Heyo Ahoy World Community :D


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Hello Maties :)
My name is Ches and today I decided to join AHOY WORLD community because I enjoy playing ARMA 3 and I would like to experience some community action in ARMA. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Accounts & Stuff~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Nickname: Ducky
Steam: Exotic*
Origin: DubDucky
Minecraft: Exotic13

TeamSpeak: Exotic / Ducky / DubDucky 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Other Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Real Name: Ches
Age: 20
Location: UK, England
Job/Education: Student
Interests: Gaming, Programming, Music and Tech & Stuff

Thank You :) and see you guys in ARMA and TS ;)


P.S. Love AW ARMA 3 COOP Mission  :D

Ducky  :ph34r:

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