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Team Speak 3 Problem

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Hey gents. I've ran into a strange problem that I've never gotten before when I start up TeamSpeak.

I run it as admin and join the AhoyWorld channel for Arma 3. It loads up for about 2 seconds then It crashes. 

Its saying that I've connected with the max amount of users which makes no sense.  


Anyone else currently having this problem and know of a fix? Any help would be appreciated.


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I also have some issues with teamspeak, it doesn't crashes but it does weird things with the mic and game sound. Something people recommended me to do was to disable all the plugins. I haven't done it yet, but you should give it a try.

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Got it working again this morning. Sorry Jeff and Kamaradski for the slow replies on TS. I didn't hear the message sound, Was flying the choppers around for people. It's connected alright for now but it still becomes funky every once and a while. The address field is saying "Ts.ahoyworld.co.uk".


EDIT: Its not working anymore. I keep getting a message when I try connecting to ahoyworld. It says, "Maximum number of requests with this identity has been reached." Then it gives me a file to upload on the TS3 forums for a debug console or something like that. This only happens with AhoyWorld servers. Anyone else getting this?

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