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S.N.A.F.U. From Aus


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Hey Gang,



New to the forums but been loving the Invade & annex for ARMA 3 for a while now (& previously domination on Arma 2). Fantastic work your doing. I am Lead scout & Tank operator for the =HARDCORE= clan in Australia. Our community plays regularly & we have quite a diverse Australasian group who play semi serious games with a focus on teamwork..


We have been running the 2.83 for a while now on our server, but was wondering if we could get a copy of 2.85 revive to upload. (The latest Alpha patch seems to have created some issues with 2.83).  We would love to update & continue to grow our Arma 3 numbers, not to mention continuing having fun on your maps!


Whatever the outcome, I am pleased to be here & hope to get to know you all better in the future  :) 

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