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Make Blackfish great again!



I'm still of the opinion that the Blackfish vehicle lift is one of the greatest and most underused assets in the game. Used properly it's one of the safest ways to deploy a squad near an AO, with transport to reposition to an assault vector of their choosing. Not to mention it's simply damned good fun to fly, blasting past an AO near the ground, airdropping a squad behind the only small hilltop cover, that no chopper could safely manage 


Aside from all the bugs (that can be circumvented) It has just 3 problems....
No-one flies it, because no-one know's how to get in it.

No-one knows how to get in it, because no-one flies it.
Almost no-one flies it well because they almost never get to fly it.


My suggestion is to add more utility to it, giving people a second reason to fly it, which will hopefully help break this doomed circle of inactivity.


Since the ability to drop ammo crates was added (which perhaps from an immersion standpoint could probably have been a blackfish function) it made me think, could we replace the existing Rearm/Refuel/Repair trucks in this manner? By having it load (assumedly via a script like the ammo crates,) in one of those Huron containers, and airdropping it near the AO? Ideally, if you used the script to load in (for example) the repair container, it would delete all other repair containers from the map, to prevent excessive clutter.
Bonus points if it auto adds a marker to the map with the location the 3 crates are residing

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