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  1. Howdy, gonna start this thread back up since I've been doing some more testing regarding GOM's rearm / loadout script on our dedicated server. Here's the forum post with his script ---> https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/204747-release-gom-aircraft-loadout-v135/ I'm extremely poor at Arma 3 coding in general, but I think it may have to do with the defining of class CfgFunctions in the description.ext file It's currently integrated like this: class CfgFunctions { #include "functions\cfgfunctions.hpp" // Integrated I&A functions #include "scripts\GOM\functions\GOM_fnc_functions.hpp" // GOM Functions }; I believe there might be an overlap, or that GOM's functions aren't being compiled properly. Do functions need to be separated out by subclass or tags? The filepaths and directory locations are good; I've double-checked those. All of the other #includes are non-overlapping with the I&A functions and #includes, or are under their own custom classes separate from the I&A stuff. For the record as well, it's being executed by the trigger with the following code under the "On Activation" field: [thislist] remoteexec ["GOM_fnc_addAircraftLoadoutArea",[0,-2] select isDedicated] From what I know this should execute the function on the client's PC only, with params set to check if the server is dedicated. Activation type is under any player, with the trigger being set to be repeatable and server only. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi all - I'm using I&A version 3.3, full vanilla / no mods, and was wondering if I could get a bit of help as to where a few things are located within the code: 1 - Using vanilla revive / disabling derp_revive - is there an "easy" way / place to comment out derp_revive? I thought about commenting it out in the init's and the description.ext but wasn't sure how integrated it was to the TK functions and the core AO-generator. I know y'all are working on I&A 4 and this will be a part of it, but wasn't sure if it's an easy thing to turn off. 2 - Adjusting rearm timers for air / land vehicles - This one is probably super easy and I'm just an idiot and can't find the array; in what .sqf's would the values for this be adjusted? I'm assuming that it's in the rearm_carrier or rearm_ground ones but I could be mistaken 3 - I use a script for allowing pilots to choose and customize their weapon pylons on any vehicle capable of dynamic loadouts, (Grumpy Old Man's Loadout) it uses the in-game Support Provider module system (hit "0", then "8" while in-game), tested it by itself in a vanilla dedicated mp server environment with other players and it works, no problems. The code is only activated serverside, it uses a server-activated trigger to call the script. When I integrated with the I&A mission files it doesn't seem to be activating properly. I can send / post the script if necessary, but my question is if there was any code that would prevent such a script from running properly. Apologies for the laundry list, but any help is super appreciated!
  3. Wow you are on-point - confirmed it was the readme file, I didn't catch that in the Includes section on the description.ext : P (as for the readme believe it or not I did read it, but just as a personal, developer-to-developer thing I always like to get permission if I can) Y'all are a fantastic group and a beacon for the Arma community, I wouldn't expect anything less from y'all. Thanks for the bit about the Zeus UIDs as well! ?
  4. Hi y'all - started off my Arma 3 experience on your I&A servers back in 2015 - I wanted to get permission from a developer or the like to be able to use your mission file on a private dedicated server for my clan. I plan on removing the derp_medical scripts and using the BIS vanilla revive system, in addition to a few other minor tweaks, such as a custom script to utilize dynamic vehicle loadouts on the aircraft live in-game, etc. (I've done some testing already and I'm having issues being able to join the server upon initial load-in, and I'm pretty sure I extracted the .pbo file correctly, and have mapped the filepaths for the server to load up the mission correctly as well, probably did something stupid in the process, who knows). I can get the .pbo and server rpt log files if requested. Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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