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  1. Hey, I‘ve been online on AW1 for ~3 hours now and every 3 minutes there comes a server message that it‘s going to restart in 2 / 10 minutes which it never does. Can a mod / admin do something about that? thanks
  2. EU1 chopper.

    Can confirm, saw people in sidechat stating that happened and it happened to me aswell while trying to land on the pad after using a new spawned helo.
  3. Ahoooy

    Thanks mate, I've already seen you on the server Thanks xwatt. have only been around for like 3 days, but I've been online a lot in these days^^
  4. Ahoooy

    Ahoy people, just wanted to check in here. found out about invade and annex from a youtube video and am totally in love with it. have been playing only in the Ahoy EU#1 and have been flying around 99% of the time as a pilot. so... if you need a lift, call mangela erkel airlines. cheers