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  1. yeah i figured it out guys thanks to the help from kylania. oh and sorry for the miscommunication, i didnt intend for it to run on your servers, i guess i was way off on my explanation. so you guys have no problem with me editing the mission and running it on my dedicated server? i edited the AW logo (just put africa as the backdrop basically) and added in "edited by thedog" after some author names. i left all due credit to you guys however, i hope that is fine. like said, the reason why im doing it is because i have an absolute discust for the iranian bugheads, they annoy me so much that these armed civilian rebels bring back that arma 2 OA feel for me. i also added in the ATM halo script, you guys should consider, it runs very well and so far only had 1 error come up which i will fix. its nice for smaller groups playing together. once the mission is done i can post it up here if you guys wanna check it out? since its primarily your baby i think that would just be fair anyways gents, thanks for this mission, love it, and keep up the good work
  2. hey guys, love invade and annex but i hate the iranian bug heads. i would love to see this with the african conflict units (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?160607-African-conflict-a3) so you would be fighting african armed civilians. Basically conduct COIN on altis with these units. would be sweet to mingle in civilians too. on a sidenote, i tried to edit the mission myself and adding in these units by replacing some code lines and what not but it ended up breaking the mission. if you guys could point out where i would have to put what that would be sweet. and this is for private use for just me and a buddy unless you guys release it publically. would be nice. keep up the good work -Dog
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