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Hey everyone!


I'm new to the game mode and new to the community. Thought I'd throw my 2 pence worth and just say hello!

I hope to become a bit more active, however considering my work shifts, I can't really see that happening, so I'll probably forever be a stranger to most of you! I'm from the UK, I feel like I spend 90% of my life time working, 2% sleeping and the rest of the time probably doing things that I shouldn't be doing. If I'm online, I'll be playing with some very beautiful people on #2, however on the occasional day off, I'll spend the early morning time on #1 while the rest of the population works, sleeps or sleeps while in work.


I'm pretty approachable, love a good natter, very inappropriate and hilariously not funny. That for now, is it. I wish you all a fond gesture of some sort. Unless you've TK'd me. You can go stick it.


P.s I apologise if I've TK'd you.

P.s.s I am sometimes a half decent pilot, so I apologise if I've killed you while flying.

P.s.s.s I do not apologise and henceforth withdraw my apology if you TK'd me prior to me TK'ing you.



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