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Hey guys, just wondering how peeps are finding the new 3d editor? Has been long time coming that`s for sure but i think its been worth the wait so far and its safe to say i`am having fun with it. lot faster at making missions  and being able to put more detail into them(without lots of scripts) or painfully placing objects then going back and forth till your happy its is going to make for some fun times. look forward to playing with it more to see what can come up with. 


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I havn't tried it, but from the development videos I've seen it looks amazing. I will most likely not use it much, but I still hope to get plenty of good content out of it. I'm not that interested in creating missions, but well built missions will be alot easier to create. I look forward to seeing these missions in the steam workshop :)

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Never really gotten in to making arma 3 missions beacuse of the 2d editor, it was just daunting at first glance. The new 3d editor seem so much easier to use and actually learn. But i havent really gotten into the more advanced stuuf but seems to be good for me as a noob in the editor.

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