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AidR44 Ban Appeal


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Name: AidR44

Steam Name: ReDFoX

Steam ID :  STEAM_0:0:86488891



I was Banned (few minutes ago) from the ArmA 3 ahoyworld servers, after repeatedly being AFK/Inactive in the Lobby while helping out a friend on Steam.

    After "rejoining" my Arma 3 Session, I saw that i had about 30 seconds left to join the game. While the game was being loaded (after choosing a role) I was then kicked for Lobby Idling. Rejoining the server again, i had been given a private message By an admin (Zissou I think) To join the game. After finding my previous role had been lost, I quickly chose another role. However, While joining the game again (My load times can sometimes vary) I was given a message saying I was banned for being AFK/Lobby idle.

       Apologies for being afk, I realize that i should have left the game while i was being idle.

Although the ban was only for 1 day (Pretty sure), I am wondering if I am able to be unbanned from the servers, as they are the servers I play on (and enjoy) The most. It is understandable if the ban cannot be lifted as I accept full responsibility in wastefully using up a slot in a full server, And also the fact that the ban is only 24h. 

 Thank You

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