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Help Needed Removing Arma 3 Arsenal From Invade & Annex.


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Hey guys. I'm new to running Arma 3 servers and it's been a challenge, don't get me wrong the challenge is entertaining and means I've spent long nights at my desk trying to get the simplest things to work. My problem is now that I've added CUP Weapons and Joint Rails to my server, the problem arises with me getting kicked from the server when I select a CUP weapon from the arsenal.


VAS works fine so I'm happy just to use that, but I think it would make the menu look neater and would cause less problems. I've tried deleting "VAclient" & "VAserver" which only caused more problems (wasn't loading the server.) So I looked through many files and searched for "BIS_fnc_arsenal" but couldn't find anything. If anyone has any ideas or could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.


This forum has helped me incredibly over the last week and finally I'm truly stumped.


Thanks in advance.

- Parachut

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