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Tristan - Unban appeal, im very sorry :(


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ngame Name*: [LZ] Tristan

Why do you think you were banned?: Im banned because I were stupid to drive a tank into the helicopter landing zone, when I tried to drive back over the little barrier my tank got bounced back and hit a helicopter.. I never meant to hit this helicopter, and I'll do everything I could to get my self unbanned. (When I hit the helicopter I was very scared for his reaction and I basicly ragequit because I was so scared for his reaction).
For the pilot who I hit (the huron pilot), IM VERY SORRY! I never meant to do this, I should've known better with around 290 hours experience of Arma 3. Im not one of those troll types, but im very sorry  :(.. If you guys don't want me back, which I could understand, allright, don't even get me back then.

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?*: Why should I be ban lifted? I think I should get ban lifted since this is my very first mistake on this server and this is a guaranteed ban. I was scared to stay in the server, so I basicly left straight after that happened.. Every time I do something im scared for their reactions, so why should I do this on purpose? Please.. if I could get 1 more chance, that would mean a lot to me since my friends play this server. 

Which administrator banned you?: To be honest, I have no clue.

When were you banned?*: I've been banned around 16:00 (+1GMT) I think.. Im sorry but im not very similair with different time zones, I live in The Netherlands and I live 1 hour ahead of England.

If I get a last chance.. This is my steam GUID
76561198058449775 or 609323db0c3c5cdc70f5f7b0b85051dd

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I was the one that banned you. Tking and leaving the server is not a good thing to do, It would have been a much better to stay and apologize to the pilot. And You should NEVER have a tank inside the helipads! The ban you got is just temporary though and it will expire in 4 days from now. Ban stays until then. Don't do anything like this again!

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