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In-game name: TOMaHAWK [TBOC]
Why do you think you were banned? For lobby idling and getting on an admin's nerves (Zissou)
Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? I've got 209 hours on the EU#1 server alone (logged by gametracker) and I'm known by quite a few other regulars on the server including Luetin who I've flown around in some of his YouTube videos and Twitch streams. Now I'll be completely honest here- I've done some really daft things in the server, but what I actually did to put the nail in my own coffin seemed quite minor. I was banned for 8 hours by Zissou for lobby idlying while there were about 5-7 other players also doing the same. I understand I'm on thin ice compared to other lobby idlers (who might be new to the server and not understand the rules and such), but that ban felt very personally oriented, driven by the fact me and Zissou don't exactly get on like a house on fire. I would like to come to an understanding with him not just about the ban, but as friends and hopefully we can overcome our differences. I really hate getting on the wrong side of people, and I worsened this by asking him more about why he banned me. I hastily disconnected from Teamspeak and the next day it became a permanent ban on all AhoyWorld ArmA 3 servers. I didn't cause any offence to AhoyWorld Staff. I just wanted to come to terms with Zissou and understand why the other lobby idlists had been kicked or banned like I was.
The lobby idlist rule has always been unclear, depending on the admin in the server and how many players are playing (during peak times the rule is more heavily enforced). Personally, I will now steer clear of ever lobby idling again due to the probability of being banned. Zissou has actually told me he just writes down the names of the pilots in the slots and waits for them to disconnect while playing in another slot. I am extremely willing to start afresh with Zissou in particular, who hopefully, can understand I am not trying to be a permanent pain or be branded as the village idiot of your servers. I really, really enjoy playing on the AhoyWorld servers- and being an especially big fan of Luetin, it's fantastic that I can join him in ArmA too.
I would really like to make a personal-level apology to Zissou for my wrong doings- and that from now on I will be more courteous of other members of the server by not taking up a slot in the lobby. But most importantly, to treat the admin with respect for whatever choice they may decide (which is the part I clearly neglected in this instance).
Which administrator banned you? Zissou
When were you banned?: 12th June 2015

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Firstly the decision to permaban you was taken by not just me but several admins.

You have consistently flouted our rules despite numerous warnings, many kicks and a few bans too.

Teamkilling, hiding the heli you take to calling yours, lobby idling and generally having no regard for other players so much so that you openly admitted that you felt your time is more important than everyone one elses.

Time after time you have shown you simply don't care.

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