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How do i add additional Safe Zone Markers


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Hi, i have been trying to add more safezone markers to the safezone manager section in the restriction.sqf file in Invade & Annex 2.82 but it is not working for some reason. 


I add the names of the additional markers but nothing.. only the original marker keeps working.. i remember in the grenadestop script you just add the names and done.. why does that not work for this one??


Is anyone able to help me??


Thank you!

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It is barely been a day, and given the community is very helpful, I'd say you're bound to get help quite soon. However, if you would have glimpsed at some of the other topics, you would have noted there are currently some issues going on that everyone (that is including the great admins this community has) is busy trying to fix (teamkilling issues). Just sit tight and have patience, please.

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The current safezone system was designed for performance, not flexibility. Over the long time that I&A has been running on public server, I found there was never a need for the flexibility of multiple safe zones, and of course this flexibility = more evaluations = less client FPS ultimately. So, over time this flexibility was stripped out to help increase the client FPS. 


You can build in the flexibility but I would say it may be difficult and would be a 1hr job for someone who knows what they're doing with the code.

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