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Hello battle buddies!


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Hello everybody.


im Qcumba (derived from cucumber). When i started to play Arma3, i had no ArmA experience at all, i found an Invade&Annex Server pretty soon. I stayed with the community hosting this server for a while, did some admin stuff(kicking/banning douches) but the "leader" of this community kind of only did his own thing so me and other "staff" left, and searched for an alternative.

I am currently in possession of a dedicated server and have the arma server running on debian7, but i dont have too much experience with ArmA scripting and mission design, to create an own mission. Since i like the I&A mission and am playing frequently on EU1 in the last months, i thought i might sign up here as well and maybe get to know some other active community members and hopefully even contribute in one or the other way ;).



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