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Wargame: AirLand Battle


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I've had a really fun few hours playing this game lately and I know a few other members of the community play it (Raz and Connors).  I was wondering if anyone else plays?  Would be great if we could team up and play a few matches.



I suck, so don't blame me if we lose.


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I would be greatly interested in anything related to this game! It can be really fun, 'Specially if you have a good team working together. :3

I have 2 friends that I regularly play with this that are also (somewhat) a part of the community. (Codling and Johnson)


For those that don't know the awesomeness of the F-18 Hornet's.




P.S. Don't mind the graphics, it's on low due to my horrible graphics card. :/

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