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Looking for fellow MMO'ers!


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I've just started playing Neverwinter with George, It's the most promising mmo I've played in a long long time. 




I will be looking for other people about to start playing with as I feel it will be pretty successful in the near future.


Just a note it's still in Beta but it is extremely polished as far as I've been able to tell so far. 


They have taken elements from a variety of different mmo's and merged them together flawlessly! The combat, PvP, PvE are all amazing with the addition of Forge which allows players to create there own missions and scenarios allowing other players to take the challenge on and grant both parties with rewards and reputation. 


If anyones interested I'm playing on the Mindflayer shard and my character name is Kyrie. Just give us a shout if your interested in playing/leveling. 



Oh yeah it's also free to play :)


Character name: Kyrie

Shard: Mindflayer

Guild: I'll invest in one if enough people get on :)

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created a character and got to play just a tad last night. Same server as well.


Seem pretty promising as of right now. I been in search of a decent mmo. The last one I played was GW2 and that got old after a month. had 3 maxxed lvl characters and nothing to do :S


Anyways, Jester is the characters name.

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Is this anything like DDO? I hated DDO.


Nope, 1000x better, It's based on one tale of D&D but there is a tonne of custom maps etc. 



There you go Jester, That should have a fair amount of information. 


I'm currently playing a Great Weapons Fighter, and they rock if you want a massive sword and just lay into things (like the Barbi from D3)


Rouges are pretty strong but the roll/dodge feels clunky when I gave it a play. 


I will be trying a cleric out as my next character, they seem like healer/magey types from what I've seen. 

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I have a level 36 Great Weapon Fighter, a 5 Rogue and a level 7 Cleric iirc.


I probably won't be on until later this evening but I can add you when your about. 


What levels are your characters at the minute?

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