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  1. Also, ISIS was first mentioned in my topic,NEVER IN GAME,never in a nearly supportive manor. Selam aleykum
  2. Thanks for civilized responses everyone. Im not looking for unban. Right of the bat. I enjoyed playing on AW,as well on some other servers,so the sole reason I posted this is to promote peace and friendliness amongst Arma playerbase,which Im an active part of. Don't get me wrong, I like jokes and humour in general, but theres a clear line between joking and propagating. That line was, in my opinion, clearly blurred. ps. i sincerely hope my english is understandable. Best regards, IbnKhalif
  3. As an occasional player, Only reason for this topic creation is purely to point out the arrogance and discrimination. My name is Ibrahim, I was born and raised in Raqqa,Syria. Even after changing my name and playing to his tune, dude called Lindi permabanned me. So basically,as a person that has multiple relatives displaced and some even killed by ISIS, Im deeply saddened that being from a certain area makes you undesireable. He stated that real life terrorist have no place on the server,clearly saying I must be or promote one,while probably not knowing anything about Islam, sacred Jihad or important acters in the real life ongoing insurgency. PS. I have never done or said anything that could offend someone,though I get discriminated all the time for my accent and/or name. After playing arma3 for a year or so this is the first time I got picked on by admins(I dont count random players,they have no power over my profile/account,therefore I never bothered). So once again, you can ban me for whatever you like, I was born Ibrahim al Raqqawi ibn Khalif and I will die like that inshallah. asselamu aleykum wa rahmatullahi fi barakatuh to every single person out there,regardless of religion,ethnicity or any other man-made boundary. may Allah give you strenght to overcome the hypocrisy without obeying ethnic/racial perverts and/or obviously retarded people. Have a great day, ma shaa'Allah
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