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  1. Thats the file that I have been messing with. ultimately, I'd like to make it stand alone so i dont have to edit any IandA files.
  2. Our server resets once a day. That means that we only ever see the first few missions (maybe 15-20) before the server resets. I'm trying to create a way to save progress before a restart, then have the map continue on from the same progress after the restart.
  3. Hey there friends. I am working on utilizing the INIDBI2 mod to allow persistent mission handling and was wondering if there is anyone interested in taking this on with me. I am a new scripter, and can read, but not always write my ideas in the sqf language. However, I have stumbled my way through it and have most of the functionality that is needed to do this... I just need someone with more experience with 1) the IandA framework, and 2) scripting in general to help me flesh the rest of it out. Please DM me, and ill add you to steam + the github that I am operating on. In the c
  4. Sorry to bring up an old topic, but is saving game progress serverside implemented? The only reference to that file (that i can find) is in that cleanup.sqf, and my google-fu is not bringing anything up.
  5. Its actually not doing anything. No errors, and no hint display. I tried adding "actionKeys "User 20" directly into the displayAddEventHandler and I got an error saying the type was incorrect.
  6. Hi there, I am attempting to modify the earplug script such that the users of our server can set their own activation key (IE: not Pause/Break) via the Use Action 1-20 custom keys. I am also very new to scripting and so I am having issues with this. The script uses displayAddEventHandler to compare the key pressed to Pause/Break (197) but I dont know how to reference the Custom Controls keys inside of that script. Any help? This is where Im at. The commented line is the original, and I am just attempting to have a hint show the number of the key pressed. Where do I go from here?
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