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Packet Loss

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Hey guys,


Hopefully someone with tech knowledge can help me out here. I've been experiencing packet loss spikes when I'm playing Battlefield 3/4. Other games that i play i.e. Arma 3, Planetside 2, FIFA  have no issues with this. My network connection is excellent, and I haven't changed my network provider. I play on low ping servers (20-30).


I done the standard stuff to try and fix it:

>Reinstalled BF

>Reinstalled Origin

>Restarting router

>Resetting router to factory settings

>Running ipconfig in the command prompt (as admin), then Flushing DNS

>Clearing BF cache manually

>I've even tried port forwarding all the possible ports for BF that are available, nothing changed.


Then finally I contacted EA Support which eventually just came to the answer of 'contact your ISP' which I think is useless considering it's an issue with the game not my network. My network connection has been excellent the past few months.


Any help is appreciated.




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Well... Starting with standard packet loss cause: how many machines are connected to your router, and for how long have you been experiencing this?
Otherwise, I'd check your NAT. Though I'm not certain if BF would be affected by it, I have learned that most "peculiar" online problems are caused by NAT.

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