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Steam.exe not found?


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In my case if it says its still running either steam needs a moment to do it's steam things, like synicng savegames and such. If it gets stuck for good (in my case happens when I crash xcom 2 because of long war) what I do is kill steam and xcom process in task manager (process, not application). Never had it happen to the point i had to restart the whole pc.

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3 hours ago, Michal said:

@ColbyThis is a common issue with Planetside, happened to me a few times. Exiting Steam and opening Planetside 2 through the desktop shortcut fixes it for me. You shouldn't have to restart the pc. Similar to what Janxol said. 

When I close steam it sits on closing planetside 2 for a while (10 min), maybe its me just not being patient?

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I'd say it's about issues while closing the game, not your patience. Closing a program for 10 minutes is bad, even if you have a really potato pc.

Try checking if it's planetside actually not closing, or steam thinking that it didn't close. When steam says its closing and it sits there for that 10 minutes, open task manager, go to processes and check if any process related to planetside is still running and whether it takes up any memory and cpu. Note that even if it says that application isn't running, there might still be some processes running.


Those processes are also planetside related, so it might look like this:

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