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Old warning system



Hello there,


When im reading the chat and see things like: i was rearming (vehicle) at base and rocket out of nowhere killed me... Im wondering why old hint from I&A v2 "Enemy CAS (or jet whatever) has entered the space" was removed. It just simply can save a lot of our vehicles when we're vulnerable at base.


As always im waiting for the opinions of others. (maybe will be back in I&A 4 ?)


Regards, Kacper

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class CfgNotifications
  class Default
    title = ""; 			// Tile displayed as text on black background. Filled by arguments.
    iconPicture = ""; 		// Small icon displayed in left part. Colored by "color", filled by arguments.
    iconText = ""; 			// Short text displayed over the icon. Colored by "color", filled by arguments.
    description = ""; 		// Brief description displayed as structured text. Colored by "color", filled by arguments.
    color[] = {1,1,1,1}; 	// Icon and text color
    duration = 5; 			// How many seconds will the notification be displayed
    priority = 0; 			// Priority; higher number = more important; tasks in queue are selected by priority
    difficulty[] = {}; 		// Required difficulty settings. All listed difficulties has to be enabled

  class EnemyJet{
    title = "ENEMY CAS INBOUND";
    iconPicture = "media\images\notificons\enemyJetinbound.paa";
    description = "%1";
    color[] = {0.8, 0.13, 0.14, 1};
    priority = 8;

  class EnemyJetDown{
    iconPicture = "media\images\notificons\down.paa";
    description = "%1";
    color[] = {1, 0.81, 0.06, 1};
    priority = 8;

In fn_airfieldJet.sqf:

["EnemyJet", ["Enemy jet approaching!"]] call BIS_fnc_showNotification;

["EnemyJetDown", ["Enemy CAS is down. Well Done!"]] call BIS_fnc_showNotification;



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