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USS Liberty as reinforcement



Just another idea. 


USS Liberty spawns after Terminal AO is done (with FOB Guardian).

I think its possible to add laptop near the arsenal and add AA defence option(like the Carrier defense) + MK41 VLS support (for your points).


What do you think? Does it would be hard to implement?

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24 minutes ago, TheScar said:

when currently each added spawnpoint equals to less server fp/s


then how is it from use to gameplay?

or the addition of another spawn where people camp,barbiedoll emself,etc.


What is your idea on this issue rather than a 2 word´r?



After reading again i need to correct myself there,i took the step from AA defense for FOB Guardian/Martian to add a destroyer spawn for marine ops/similar

My mistake,no offense then



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Allright, so the Hammer is "just" a ludicrous range Arty, 120mm, with the same ordnance types as the existing 155s. Rate of fire is massively disappointing, I assumed it'd be on par with the 155s at least, though I might have expected faster. It isn't.


The VLS is laser-guided, and so far I've had no luck hitting anything without getting a good and proper lock prior to weapon release. Datalink is absolutely required, but then it does seem to shoot over mountains or whatever else might be in the way. Also this is absolutely the most devastating single explosion in Vanilla. Again the rate of fire leaves something to be desired though.

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