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Recruiting serious players/milsim/tactical


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Hello everybody,I am currently recruiting members who love to play it a bit serious way,as I like it that way,everybody is welcome to join my team,lots of position available


please tell me a little bit about yourself as follow:


1. Name/age/country/language

2. Experiences of play Arma or other FPS      game

3. What’s your gameplay style

4. What role of this game that you’re comfortable with

5. Most operational time in Zulu



1. Jack/30/Taiwan/English&Chinese 

2. 5 years of FPS game/3 year in Arma world

3. Milsim/tactical/coop

4. Infantry/pilot

5. 0300-1100 

As we know that this is a community for everybody , so make sure you understood the rules of Ahoyworld 200%,feel free to ask any questions as we are here to help you,and we can’t grow up without your talent


I hope to see you soon:)

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Although it is not made explisitly clear within the content of the post I see this post as wanting to recruit players to play together on our servers in a more serious way. As such we are going to leave the post here for players that want to team up and we encourage people to play together within this community. 


However our stance on advertising and recruiting for other communities still stands and will be enforced strongly

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