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Liam Zanji

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In-game name when banned: Zanji

What message displays when you attempt to connect? You were kicked off the game.(BattlEye: Admin ban (Troll/Zanji/Stan)

Why do you think you were banned? me and my friend were in a helicopter and he just bought the game and didnt know how to fly so i kicked him out of the heli to fly, but then he started to be toxic by using the mini guns and killing people in base. So we both got banned for trolling.

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? It happened over a year ago and he was new to the game and i didnt really do anything was just with him and trying to teach him but he started tking so i got banned too. I really enjoyed playing and have over 900 hours on Arma 3 so like to play seriously on the server. And i would like to contribute to the community and server. I would appreciate it alot if i could be unbanned as it was my favourite server and has been a long time.

Which administrator banned you (if known): I dont know

When were you banned: Over a year ago

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Hello Zanji, thank you for the ban appeal.


On 18 march 2017 you and your friend were indeed banned by a admin.


You were banned because of your behaviour, trolling and racist remarks.

Racism is never tolerated in any way or form on our servers, forum or voice channels. 


It is simply unacceptable in a respectable community. 


Ban appeal is unsuccessful.

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