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Friendly fire incidents

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Right let me get straight to it: if you accidentally shoot someone own up to it.  

I don't give a damn that you accidentally shoot me if you own up to it. We all make mistakes, nobody is perfect. Heck it might've been my mistake. But for a while now people on EU1 have been owning up to their TKs more often than people on enhanced are doing.  (No i'm not talking about absolute numbers, I'm talking about the amount of people who own it compared to the amount of TKs that happen)


If you own up to it I'll have a laugh about it, I might joke about how terrible your shot was because I was only 100 meters away and sitting practically still and yet you didn't manage to actually kill me.  And then I'll try to see what to do to prevent this from happening again.

If I'd have known who shot me today to a point that I was unconscious while I was about 100 meters away from him I'd have told him this in person.  

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