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At some point I will be making a Part 2 of this video and I require your best Arma 3 AWE (EU#3) screenshots!


Part 1 was built up of my own memories, but the next should include the rest of the wonderful Public Modded population. Feel free to go back to the early days of the servers if you wish, preferably go newest to oldest.


Post your photos in the comments. If you have A LOT of screenshots, feel free to make an imgur album and link it, or just mark the screenshots as a spoiler.

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Is this EU3# only?

I got 100s of screens from the good old times towards nowadays (EU1# only)

Lots of Zissou to MK and the great, great Pepperman to Iranzan and that nub Xwatt which became Staff by now...

Cheap, cheap, cheap too.


Hey, I just met you

and this sounds crazy,

but here s my number

Just call me maybe!

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Ahhh so many good memories! @J0hnson if you want a few EU3/AWE memes then lemme know.


Also remember folks! If you're posted a bunch of pics, please try and use 'spoiler' or Imgur Album like Johnson said, it just helps make the page load faster and be less cluttered! Thanks.

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