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Improve your Frame-rate (clearing cached data)


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This short guide simply demonstrates a method of improving your frame-rate and reduce stuttering when playing Squad.


This is done so by clearing cached data and this guide will show you how to do so without resetting all of your custom settings, controls or key-bindings.


Credit to HybridRage for finding this fix on the Squad Forums.







Step 1: Locate your AppData folder (for some people this file will be hidden but this method works for everyone)


  • Search for the file using "%appdata%" term in the Start Menu, this will take you to a file names Roaming.




  • Roaming is a sub-file within AppData, so you simply need to back-out of it into AppData by clicking it in the file browser.










Step 2: Locate your cached files within your Squad folder (this step will simply tell you what files to enter, starting from AppData)


  • Local




  • Squad




  • Saved




  • Config




  • WindowsNoEditor










Step 3: Save your personal settings by copying these two files (you can just temporarily move them to your Desktop to later)


  • GameUserSettings and Input











Step 4: Start Squad, clear your cache in game and then exit


  •  Select the "Settings" tab at the top of your screen.





  • Select the "Clear cached user data" at the bottom of your screen and then shutdown Squad.











Step 5: Return your custom settings to the WindowsNoEditor folder


  • Move your GameUserSettings and Input files back into the WindowsNoEditor folder, it should be empty.





  • Next time you start Squad the rest of your files will be created anew. You're ready to go!








Hope this fix helps, it certainly helped me!


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