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Notice of Upcoming Departure


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Thanks for all the efford and energy you put into helping the community forward. We wish you all the best and hope you have a good time around and return in full health once your career is in easier waters.


All the best,



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Feelings are hard to be written,


You have been a great mentor, brought joy, and done what helped this community purely from your heart.


I'm grateful that i had a chance to play with you.


Best of Luck Soldier ^_^


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Thank you Shadow for being easily one of the best staff members I've seen in Ahoyworld to date since my arrival in 2013. You've been a big help and influence in the enjoyment on the server. Atleast when Zues doesnt go full on SUCC mode


Good luck with your Bootcamp, I always thought the Navy just practised polishing the deck of the ship before polishing their fellow seamen's smooth chests all day. Regardless, I'm sure it'll be a great experience.


Hope to see you return once you have the chance as I'm sure many like myself will miss your presence. (Provided AW doesn't fall into an abyss without you in the next 3 years.)


Try not to get hit in the gut during a live fire training, that's my job, everyone knows the authentic OUURGHHH.


Kind Regards,


- Mini

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Thank you for your service to protect our nation my friend. Although we have not played together much, I very much enjoyed the few rounds we shared. I wish you the best of luck at Boot and safe deployments! Hopefully I can get one last round in with you before you leave, my work schedule has really limited my free time lately. 

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As Mini already said, you were one of the best AWE-mods I got to play with so it feels really bad to see you leaving as well.?

I wish you all the best for the future and don´t mind the boot-camp, just read this guide and you will be good to go:




Best regards


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